It’s been weeks since the holiday season came to an end. The bright lights and cheer have officially faded. Yet we still have a long stretch of winter to go, without the usual dinner parties, restaurant reservations or brief weekend excursions to help us get through it.

Don’t worry! You don’t have to renovate your kitchen or reorganize the entire basement to spice things up at home. Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

We put together a short list of things to brighten your February without breaking the bank (or your back)…

Best Jacket to warmth
Photo from United by Blue

For staying warm outside:

No one likes to walk around feeling cold all winter long. But if you’re like most of us, deciding which jacket belongs in your closet can be slightly overwhelming… Something fitted? Something warm, but bulky? Something nice, but less functional? 

Now you don’t have to choose. The BisonShield jacket can be worn anywhere!

50% Wool, 50% Bison insulation – it will keep you very warm, even in -10 to -40 degree weather!  Even better, the way the bison is “smashed into the jacket” the result is not puffy. It has a clean, slim look. Plus, the entire jacket is less than 1 pound, and can be rolled up into its own pouch to be used as a pillow! 

Made from natural and sustainable materials, it’s the last jacket you’ll need for a long time. We’re sold!

Best down blanket for your home this winter
Photo from Eddie Bauer

For staying warm inside:

There’s nothing better than a warm, fuzzy blanket for the long winter months. And we’ve found the perfect one to help you survive the season. 

Filled with premium down, Eddie Bauer’s Oversized Down Throw is both lightweight and warm, the perfect thing to take anywhere from your couch to the outdoors. Plus, with ultra soft fleece covering one side, it will match any other blanket in comfort. 

This blanket definitely lives up to the long list of 5 star reviews on Eddie Bauer’s website. The rumors you’ve been hearing are 100% true–you’ll choose this blanket over the comforter on your bed.

Best nutritional support
Photo from Reset Logic

For staying healthy:

We all like the idea of vitamins and supplements, especially during the winter when everyone seems to be low on Vitamin D. But finding a system that fits your needs can feel impossible. Too many of us end up taking the same, generic multivitamin each day, often missing the ingredients and amounts that we need.  

Reset Logic provides a unique solution to this problem. Their monthly supplement program varies ingredients, focusing each week on a different aspect of health. 

Because each week is different, each serving can provide more of the Recommended Daily Allowance of a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals compared to other systems. In fewer words, “the Reset” promises different vitamins for each week, stronger formulas, and better results. 

We tried the month-long program, and we have to say–we approve! The box is sleek, and the daily packets make the program easy to follow. It’s hard to believe you get so much nutritional support–more than 70 different ingredients–with so little effort. 

Definitely deserving of the Alpha Fifty!