Here’s how to choose the right product for your needs:

What do we look for when choosing our vitamins? A few things immediately come to mind: qualityneedssimplicity and cost.


You don’t have to be the “my body is a temple” type to care about what you’re putting in your body everyday. In today’s world of processed foods and synthetic substances, you should.

That’s why, when it comes to vitamins, you should always consider quality of ingredients. 


We all have different health needs, and finding a product that meets all of them isn’t easy.

That’s why we recommend prioritizing your health needs in order to identify the products that meet the ones your value most. 


It would be great to get every vitamin and nutrient you need on a daily basis, but this can be hard to achieve without taking 10+ pills on a complicated morning/ night/ noon rotation. And we all know that a complicated regimen is far more difficult to stick with.

That’s why it’s important to find the product that works for you. Are you distracted, sometimes forgetful, constantly short on time? Consider a simpler program that meets the health needs you value most, over a multi-step option.


Vitamins are more expensive than ever. And yes, in some cases you’re paying for quality, traceability or specific dietary needs. But not always. There are lots of products out there that might check all your boxes at a lower price point.

That’s why it’s important to look beyond price when considering your options. 


Take a moment to make your list. What health needs are most important? What type of program will work best for you? 

Now, let’s explore some of GCW’s favorite products!

Garden of Life Vitamin Code Multivitamin


Quality: GCW only recommends the best

Needs: Baseline daily support for your nutritional needs

Simplicity: 2 capsules, twice daily

Cost: LOW at $32/ month

This daily multivitamin provides everything you could want and more to cover your basic, daily nutritional needs. Plus, it does so with whole food vitamins and minerals, raw probiotics and enzymes, and no synthetic ingredients or artificial additives. Garden of Life offers two different versions of the product, one specifically formulated to meet the most important health needs of women, and the other of men.

If you’re looking for daily support to meet your core health needs, you can’t go wrong with this affordable option. You’ll get a long list of high quality ingredients delivered in a fairly simple system–although you do have to remember to take 2 pills in the morning and again at night. You can even set up automatic monthly shipments on Amazon!

Reset Logic’s “the Reset”

Reset Logic
Image from Reset Logic


Quality: GCW only recommends the best

Needs: Comprehensive nutritional support

Simplicity: everything delivered in one daily packet

Cost: LOW at $30/ month

You might already know that Reset Logic is our favorite new vitamin brand! They offer an impressively long list of vitamin, nutrient, plant and whole food ingredients for the low cost of only $29.99 when you subscribe (although we should note that this low price seems to be a limited-time launch offer).

Their monthly supplement program provides more than 70 different ingredients for comprehensive nutritional support using a unique weekly rotation. Each week of the program delivers a different formula intended to more effectively strengthen a specific health area. In order, the program supports detoxification, recovery, gut health and immune function. So, although you don’t necessarily get Vitamin A or D every day, you do get all the basic things you need on a routine monthly cycle. Plus, you get a much more comprehensive and powerful mix of greens, probiotics and more.

It’s a new brand and a new system, but as we’ve said before, we’re sold. Learn more about Reset Logic here:

Ritual’s Essential Multivitamin

Image from Ritual


Quality: Vegan, clean, green and traceable

Needs: Provides basic daily support with fewer ingredients

Simplicity: 2 capsules taken once daily

Cost: LOW at $30/ month

We’ve included Ritual in our lists before. Although Ritual’s Essential Multivitamins deliver far fewer ingredients than the other brands on this list, Ritual’s products are worth considering if your top priority is a vegan or traceable option.

The Essential Multivitamin provides what Ritual’s research determined are the most essential vitamins and nutrients: 9 daily ingredients for women, 1o for men. While Ritual’s products offer a far shorter list of ingredients and do not include things like greens or probiotics, their Essential Multivitamin is high quality and widely loved by (as far as we know) most everyone who tries it.


Image from Care/of


Quality: in case you didn’t know… GCW only recommends the best

Needs: Customized to address your personal health needs

Simplicity: Depends, but can get complicated

Cost: HIGH at $65/month (on average)

Care/of was created to create a vitamin regimen personalized to your health needs and concerns, so you start off by completing a detailed questionnaire — they collect basic information, lifestyle details, areas of concern and priorities. Then, they provide you with a comprehensive daily supplement regimen intended to meet your personal health needs and goals.

Based on our research and customer reviews, their recommended routines are always complex — they usually include 5-6 daily vitamins, plus 1-2 powders or “quick sticks.” For example, here is what they came up with for me:

  • Vitamin D because I live in a cloudy city
  • Iron because I’ve had iron deficiencies in the past
  • Rhodiola and Magnesium because I definitely struggle with stress and sleep 
  • A daily probiotic supplement for gut health 
  • The “Extra Batteries” quick stick, for energy support as needed
  • Whey protein powder for nutritional support

This is when it’s important to consider your priorities and limitations. Does this regimen meet my health needs? Absolutely. But — as a person who rarely eats vegetables — I need core daily support before I need extra supplements, powders and boosters. Plus, I can barely remember where I put my car keys, let alone to take 3 different forms of supplements. With their amazing marketing, Care/of is definitely tempting. But, knowing myself, it would be $65/month wasted on pills and powders I would mostly forget to take.

That said, if you’re looking for a personalized system to address specific health concerns or goals, then Care/of is a great option. You can customize their recommendation, eliminating certain pills and powders and keeping only what you want to pay for. Yes it’s expensive, but it’s personalized, and it doesn’t have to be too complicated.

Athletic Greens’ Ultimate Daily

Athletic Greens
Photo from Athletic Greens


Quality: green is for go

Needs: Daily support but mostly greens

Simplicity: depends on how good you are with powder

Cost: HIGHEST at $77/month and up

Like Ritual and our favorite underdog, Reset Logic, we’ve written about Athletic Greens before. With attractive marketing claims plastered across Facebook and Instagram, it’s a hard brand to ignore. But it’s not just their marketing that makes them high-profile… it’s their long list of ingredients and even longer list of loyal supporters.

Their Ultimate Daily delivers an impressive quantity of whole food ingredients, along with a lower dose of your daily vitamins, all in a single scoop of powder. Their program is simple: mix your daily scoop with water and drink for high quality nutritional support.

What do we think? It’s a great brand and a great product, but the price point is high — really high. Unless you’re looking specifically for greens or superfood-style nutritional support, you may want to consider other options. You can get high quality daily support with Garden of Life’s multivitamin, or the same long list of ingredients with Reset Logic’s monthly program — all for $50 less.

Good luck out there!

We hope we helped you find what you’re looking for!

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The Grand Central Wallet Team