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4.9The Best Boots For City Folk
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Thursday Boot Company defines Thursday as the unofficial start of the weekend—and anyone who remembers Thursday nights out in college would have to agree. Thursday Boot shoes are designed to bridge work and play with flair, and they need to do it well if they are going to compete with the range of the new, often digital-first boot and shoemakers, such as Velasca, Dapper Lane, Taft, Adelante, Girotti, M.Gemi and Wolf & Shepherd among others.

The first thing one notices is that Thursday boots actually stand apart from the pack—multiple designs dial up the stylishness of traditional men’s looks. The Captain stands out. So do the President and the Cavalier. The price points at $199 to $190 feel like a good value, maybe even a steal if the fit and durability are there. The Fifty Alpha team decided to try all three and put them through the paces on the cobblestone streets of New York City’s Soho.

From day one, the boots were surprisingly comfortable—no blisterS, snug but not pinching the feet or toes. And over the course of a month of banging around, the heels ground down a bit, but not more than normal wear-and-tear for New York City fast-walkers. More important, for everyone on the Fifty Alpha team, the boots got that beloved lived-in feel and did so fast. If they hold up for a year plus of use, Thursday Boots will have rewritten the value equation for men’s boots–great style and quality at an affordable price.

We were so excited by the boots, I decided to try their dress shoes. We ordered the Lincoln, a classic loafer priced at $170.

After just a few wears, I found myself putting these loafers on without thinking and suddenly they were part of my core work shoe rotation. The comfort, fit and style were right on. The only note: the leather scuffed a tad quickly, for example, getting in and out of taxis. The shine, however, was easily restored with a rapid do-it-yourself shine. The Lincoln is a great choice for a traditional men’s shoe at a good price and a strong complement to the excellent boots.

Finally, Thursday also has a women’s line, and the Fifty Alpha team ordered up a few with inviting names, such as the Duchess and the Paloma. Alas, we struggled with fit and ended up sending them back. The right sizes on their way, so look for part two of our write up on Thursday Boot Company soon. The bottom line on Thursday Boot Company’s men’s line is clear. The Captain, President, Cavalier and Lincoln all pass muster with flying colors. Let’s welcome Thursday Boot Company to Fifty Alpha!

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